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Why do i need my oil fired appliance serviced?

All oil fired appliances require a regular service in order to maintain efficient and stable combustion of the fuel. With your boiler or cooker working efficiently it will help keep your fuel costs at a minimum and will prolong the life of the appliance and its components. At a service our engineers will also be able to inform you of any potential problems and remedial work that may be necessary, this can help to prevent unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns in the future.

What area does M.A.Paine ltd cover ?

We work primarily in West Sussex and neighbouring Surrey, in some cases we can travel to parts of East Sussex and Hampshire. If you are unsure then please call us to find out if we would travel to your property.

How can I pay for the work carried out ?

As we are a small firm we would expect payment made on the day to the engineer via cheque or cash. He will produce a receipted invoice for your records. We also have facilities to accept credit/debit card payments at our office or even a bank transfer (BACS) if you would prefer.

We do NOT offer customer credit unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Can I specify a time for the engineer to arrive ?

It is normally not possible to specify an engineers time of arrival unless you book him for the first call of the day (usually around 9am). however you will be notified as to wether your appointment will be in the morning or the afternoon. If you have any special requirements, such as collecting a key from a neighbour or phoning you before our arrival, we will be happy to oblige.

Do you have a 24hr emergency call out ?

No. We do not offer this service, we are contactable at the office from 8am til 5pm Mon-Fri and have a covering engineer working on Saturdays in our busy periods, if the office is unmanned then please leave a message on the answer machine and we will call you back as soon as we return.

Please Note: We are traditionally extremely busy from the end of August through to Christmas. This means that you may be informed of a few days wait before an engineer can attend.

Do you remind me when my boiler is due for service ?

We do send out e-mail reminders when an appliance becomes overdue for service, although in our very busy periods these reminders may be delayed somewhat. So it is always advisable that you make a note on your calendar and phone us when you would like to book a service call. If you are an existing customer and would like us to remind you in this way, please contact the office so we can add your email address to your computer record. 

How do i turn off my Aga cooker prior to your service call ?


Turning Off your Oil fired Aga.

Kerosene models (2 and 4 oven)

To turn the Aga off in preparation for a service call lift the reset lever on the oil control valve upwards until it clicks and then release it. The burner will take several minutes to die down and extinguish. Please do this the night before the appointment to make sure the Aga is cold enough to work on.

If you are turning it off for longer periods (e.g. if you are away on holiday) then it may be advisable to turn the incoming oil supply off at the service valve, either at the storage tank, or at the point where the oil line enters the property.

Remember. Never try and re-light a burner which is still hot.

How can i check my oil tank contents depth ?

   (video instructions to follow )    please phone us for instruction in the meantime. 

Here is what OFTEC have to say about 'getting to know your oil tank'

What is 'OFTEC registration'?

OFTEC are the trade association working with oil boiler service engineers and installers to ensure that it's members work competently, safely and follow the current building regulations and British standards so that consumers who employ the services of a registered engineer can be assured of a professional and high standard of workmanship.

Our registration number is C659. 

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